Friday, May 8, 2009

Mr. Bill Maher's Concluding Statement in "Religulous"

Bill Maher (left), and an actor portraying any one of a dozen or so mythical beings, popular around the Mediterranean about 2,000 years ago.

The plain fact is, religion must die for mankind to live.

The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge inhaving key decisions made by religious people, by irrationalists, by those who would steer the ship of state not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken. George Bush prayed a lot about Iraq—but he didn’t learn a lot about it.
Ms. Gladys Walton. This photo is supposed to be from 1921--and really dirty. But I think it's charming.
“Faith” means making a virtue out of not thinking. It’s nothing to brag about.
And to those who preach faith, and enable and elevate it, are intellectual slave holders, keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction. 
Religion is dangerous, because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think that it’s wonderful when someone says “I’m willing lord. I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” Except that because there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corruptions, and limitations, and agendas. 

Bill Maher talking outside the Vatican--
mainly because he just got kicked out for
trying to talk inside the Vatican
And anyone who tells you they know, they just know what happens when you die—I promise you, you (sic) don’t. How could I be so sure? Because I don’t know, and you do not possess mental powers that I do not.

The only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion—but doubt.

Doubt is humble. And that’s what man needs to be, considering that human history is just a litany of getting shit dead wrong.

This is why rationale people—anti-religionists—must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves.

Ms. Jayne Mansfield. Stories abound
about her being just a fat, stupid broad
who actively engaged in Black Masses-
which I think is completely unfair. She
played a role that America demanded
women play--and that role was not
to be filled by Marie Curie.
And those who consider themselves only moderately religious really need to look in the mirror, and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price.

If you belonged to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, violence, and sheer ignorance as religion is, you’d resign in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler; a mafia wife with the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the billions of their fellow travelers.

If the world does come to an end . . . or if it limps into the future, decimated by the effects of a religious inspired nuclear terrorism, let’s remember what the real problem was: that we learned how to precipitate mass death, before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it.

That’s it: grow up – or die.

La Doce Vita.

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